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Osler's nodes

Pin index of Oxygen
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Cylinder pressure is usually measured by ?
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Bourdon pressure gauge.

oxygen Cylinder Pressures?
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Co2 Cylinder Pressures?
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50bar (Liquid)

Mapleson Circuit of choice for children
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Mapleson F (Jackson Rees modification of Mapleson D

site for spinal anaesthesia?
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L3-L4 space in adults L4-L5 space in children.

Tuffier’s line
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A horizontal line drawn between the superior borders of the iliac crests and corresponds to either L4 vertebral body or L4-L5 interspace.

Drug lasts longer than most other spinal anesthetics?
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Complication of Postspinal headache
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Due to CSF leaking from a dural puncture, Usually occipital, relieved on lying down, lasting for 7-10 day.• Prevention: Use small bore needle, Use atraumatic needle (Whitaker or Sprotte needle with pencil point tip - splits dural fibres)

methods to locate epidural space?
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Negative pressure test, Hanging drop method, Loss of resistance, Macintosh extradural space indicator

What are the Contraindications for neuraxial (spinal and epidural) anesthesia?

What is the drug choice for IVRA?

Define stellate ganglion block?

What are the intravenous anesthetic agents?
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Sodium Thiopentone

What are the reasons for decreased MAC?
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What is Diffusion hypoxia ?
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